In opdracht van Cruise Port Terminal Rotterdam schrijf ik sinds enige tijd speciale gedichten voor cruiseschepen die Rotterdam voor het eerst bezoeken. Het gedicht draag ik voor tijdens de Key and Plaque Ceremony; het officiële moment tijdens zo’n eerste bezoek. Daarna wordt het ingelijste gedicht cadeau gedaan aan de kapitein, waarna het een mooi plaatsje krijgt op het bizar grote schip. Ik schreef tot nu toe werk voor de Koningsdam, de Harmony of the Seas en de MSC Preziosa. Alle stukken staan hieronder.

voor de Queen Elizabeth

time’s similar to water
no borders bound for seas
the endless blue is ticking
each drop is to be seized

history repeats itself
so they say, so they say
while looking for the future
the past just knows the way

so ships keep on exploring
finding their way somehow
travelling through forever
an endless here and now

just a few are bending time
on a majestic pace
out to visit quays and shores
with merely royal grace

voor de MSC Preziosa

if seas are stories
sailing is translating
and every port
is a listening ear
from afar
to here
waves become syllables
travelers narrators
an alphabet in bright blue
glistening sentences
from afar
to here
until this quay also listens
to souvenirs in word
we welcome you, hearing
dreams come true
from afar
to here
where new words await
our city a chapter
in the book that you are writing
let us travel with you
from here

to far away

voor de Harmony of the Seas

built to move and defy
the way one conducts
to the fullest of conviction
both majestic and elegant

rivers they just prelude
towards the big blue
the oceans form a masterpiece
composing, so delecate

water streams and splashes
gushes, babbles, pounds
water flows and dashes
forming waves of sound

every drop, it clashes
rushes, buzzes, tones
every drop, it slashes
ships, they read the notes

as the sun drops, the moon keeps watch
over dark heavens full of stars
the bow smoothly cuts
through loads and loads of bars

steadily moving, shore to shore
though the orchestra interrupts
while seas make music
the Harmony conducts

voor de Koningsdam

Shipping had the city blooming. Ships, they brought us life. Loading, unloading, from bow to stern, both day and night. Leaving travellers and sailors, we waved as they went away: ferning lives insides us, the harbour is our DNA.

Pictures in black and white, they show us our ‘then’ but it’s also the ‘now’ we cherish. The glory from old days: it simply didn’t parish. The ongoing entering and leaving, it’s how it was and will be. The only difference is full colour in the pictures that we see.

From port to starboard, while the water flows. The gate to the world is the gate to a city where passenger transport grows. Build on two shores, where many stories start. The crown on our work is this majestic ship in our city’s heart.

Home of the Koningsdam, the result of fearless dreaming. Confirmation of the past and a future we believe in. Possibilities unlimited, there’s not much we can’t do. We celebrate in green-white-green, this royal point of view.

The christening of a brand new ship, Dutch history takes a special turn. With this state of the art ship, with Rotterdam at its stern. With this ship we’re once again at a legendary peak. On the point of where what was, is and what will be – we’ll meet.

The course is clear: a safe trip and full speed ahead. We go beyond borders…